Rooter Service

Everything from debris, to corrosion, to tree roots can cause blockages.  Rooter service can unclog all of these problems in your drains and sewer lines.

What is Rooter Service

Rooter service is a plumbing service that cleans pipes or clears blockages.  Exactly how the job is done depends on your pipe and blockage.

Usually your pro will use a snake while running water through the pipe.  This action can work on the debris and get it free from the pipe.

The original blockage for this service was actually tree roots.  That’s why it’s call rooter service.

Now rooter service is used to clear blockages from any pipe in your home.

Why You Need Rooter Service

A clog inside your home’s pipes will just backup one area.  This could be your kitchen sink, shower, or toilet.  Blockages could be scraps of food, soap scum, or hair.

A larger clog in your home could cause backup from several areas or rooms.  For example, you might get a backup in a bathtub when a toilet is flushed.

A backed up sewer line will block everything in your home.  Such a blockage may be caused by tree roots or non-flushable items in the sewer line.

Rooter service can unclog all of these problems.  Definitely don’t delay getting help.  These blockages will only get worse.  And flooding is always a danger.

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