Dishwasher Installation

Dishwasher installation can be intimidating.  After all the dishwasher just looks like it’s part of the cabinets.  The electric outlet, water input, and drain can’t be seen at all.

It’s ok.  The same steps will guide every dishwasher installation.

Measure First

First, it’s important to know that not all dishwashers have the same width.  And not all cabinets have the same width either.

You’ll need to measure the space in your kitchen.  Then be sure to get a dishwasher that fits.

How to Install Dishwasher

Here are the steps to install a dishwasher:

  1. Be sure to turn off electricity and water to the dishwasher
  2. Remove your old dishwasher (if you had one)
  3. Connect the drain line with the dishwasher
  4. Attach the drain line with the drain pipe under your sink
  5. Slide the dishwasher into place
  6. Attach the electrical wires (Be sure the electricity is OFF)
  7. Connect the water input to the dishwasher using the Dishwasher 90 kit.
  8. Turn on the electricity and water.
  9. Do a test run. Keep a close eye on the dishwasher to catch any leaks or problems.
Dishwasher Installation

Plumber to Install Dishwasher

First off, never try to install a dishwasher unless you are experienced working with electrical appliances.  Obviously water and electricity can be deadly.  Safety is most important.

Second, remember that a dishwasher is a big and heavy appliance.  You will need to have helpers to move the dishwasher into place.

It’s possible to install a dishwasher on your own.  Remember though, here a few signs that you need a plumber:

  1. You have an older home and need to be sure the dishwasher follows all guidelines.
  2. This is the first dishwasher in the home. You’ll need a plumber to double all connections and perform any needed rough plumbing.
  3. You have an issue with a drain line
  4. The water input is not working

Cost to Install Dishwasher

Sometimes we all wait patiently listening about some great new product.  Everything is great and we know we want it.

Just one thing.  Finally you have to ask how much this will cost.

The best way to find out the cost to install a dishwasher is to get a quote.  Not just what someone says it should cost.  Actually a quote from a plumber saying they will do the work for a certain price.

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