Clogged Drain in Shower

A clogged drain in shower can seem pretty bad.  Still, you can clear it yourself or do the easy thing and call a plumber.

Below you’ll see a video about how to snake a clogged drain.  Also, information about more ways to clear your clogged drain in shower.

Causes of Clogged Drain in Shower

Here are some of the common causes of a clogged drain in shower:

  1.   Hair by itself can bunch into hairballs.  It’s even worse when grease or another substance make it stick together.
  2. The dirt that goes down the drain can buildup down the line.
  3. Especially if your water has lots of minerals.  Over time they will cake your pipes closed.
  4. Soap is made from grease and fat.  You see it in your shower as build-up that must be washed away.  It does the same thing to the inside of your pipes.

How to Clean Drain in Shower

A clogged drain with hair is common.  Here’s how to clean drain in shower:

  1. Baking soda and vinegar.  Pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain.  Then pour 1 cup of vinegar.  Wait about an hour and then pour warm water down the drain.  This is the same mixture that kids use to make volcanoes.  Don’t mix the baking soda and vinegar prior to putting them in the drain.
  2. Commercial drain cleaners. This solution is cheap and quick.  There are also environmental and health reasons to avoid this option.  More about that below.
  3. Boiling water to unblock shower drain. NEVER pour boiling water down a drain unless you are positive none of the pipes down line are made of plastic.  The boiling water can cause leaks in the joints.
  4. Plunger for shower drain unblocking. Remove the cover from the top of the drain.  To get the best suction fill the bottom of the shower with water.
  5. Remove the blockage by hand. Try looking inside the drain with a flashlight.  If you see the block, first put on gloves.  Then reach in and remove the block.
  6. Use a coat hanger to clear debris. Straighten out a coat hanger, making a hook on the end.  Push the hanger into the pipe until it stops at the clog.  Rotate the hanger to grab onto the block and pull it out.

Clogged Drain in Bathtub

The same tricks for a shower can also clear a clogged drain in bathtub.

Just one extra pointer for a bathtub.  If you use a plunger, there is one more step.  You will need to use a rag to plug up the alternate drain.  You won’t get any suction with that alternate drain open.

Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Just a word of caution about chemical drain cleaners.

  1. Chemical drain cleaners can damage your plumbing. The main ingredient in these cleaners is hydrochloric acid.  It’s a great cleaner, yet is also corrosive to pipes.
  2. Environmental damage. If there are any leaks in your sewer line these cleaners will seep into your yard and the area surrounding your house.  The chemicals are indeed strong and are not friendly to the environment.
  3. Your health. The fumes from these cleaners can be harmful.  Of course, never get it on your skin – that is a medical emergency.
  4. Damage to your bathroom fixtures. A drop of chemical drain cleaner can damage or discolor your shower, bathtub, or bathroom fixtures.

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