Best Ways to Unclog Toilet Without Plunger

A lot of advice out there on this one.  These are simply the best ways to unclog toilet without plunger.

Read your options or watch the video, up to you.

Dish Soap

Dish soap has grease busting qualities.  These qualities can break up the waste stuck in the drain.  Makes things slippery too, which helps.

Pour a lot of dish soap into the bowl.  Then you will need to wait for it to break things up.  It's just like soaking a dirty dish with soap.

Thirty minutes might do the job.  Sometimes it takes overnight.

If you don't have dish soap shampoo will also work just fine.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Remember the volcanoes kids make with baking soda and vinegar.  Same action going on here.

Remove water from the bowl if there isn't plenty of clearance for that foaming action.

First, pour a cup of baking soda into the bowl.  Spread it our around the bowl and give it a chance to sink down.

Next, add two cups of vinegar.  Pour it in slowly.  You want it to spread out around the bowl.

The vinegar and baking soda will mix and do their usual fizzing.  That same fizzing will work on the clog as well.

Give it about an hour to fizz and break down.  Then give it a flush.

Hopefully your toilet is clear.  If not, try it again - this time letting it fizz overnight.

Use Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Sometimes the safer home mixtures don't work.  It happens.

There are reasons to try the mixtures first.  Drain cleaning chemicals are bad for your health and damaging to the environment.  If you know you have a sewer line leak, probably best to avoid feeding the stuff to your lawn.

Still, drain cleaning chemicals can work.  If you choose to use them read all the instructions carefully.

A Wire Hanger

Often the waste causing the blockage is at the bottom of the bowl.  So you can see it.

Using something to break up the blockage can do the trick.

Unwind a coat hanger and make a hook on the end.  You'll want to be careful not to scratch the bowl so make a safe hook.

Not a lot of science for the next step.  Just break up the blockage into smaller pieces.  If it's wedged in break it up so it isn't wedged.

Once you break up the blockage go ahead and flush.  Hopefully it's a success.

A Toilet Brush

For the blockage that you can see a toilet brush has some advantage over the wire hanger.  For one thing it is less likely to scratch your bowl.  It also may be close at hand.

Same idea as using the wire hanger.  Break up the blockage to clear the drain.

Give it a flush and brace yourself for success.

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