AC Plumbing

Nothing worse than the air conditioner going out.  You need AC plumbing now.

Also, remember your air conditioner needs to be tuned-up to keep it working well.

And now more than ever Indoor air quality is important to all of us.

Finally, if you don't have an AC unit consider a ductless AC system.

AC Tune-up

AC tune-up is important, air conditioner maintenance has these benefits:

Less frequent repairs

Higher energy efficiency

Lower energy bills

Longer life for your air conditioner unit


Air conditioner maintenance generally includes:

Diagnostic evaluation

Condenser coil cleaning

Condensate drain line flush


Remember you AC Tune-up to keep your air conditioner working efficiently.

Air Conditioner Installation & Repair

Air conditioner repair has its time - right away.  When the AC goes down there is no time to wait.  You need that cool air blowing ASAP.

Air conditioner servicing should also be done on a regular basis to keep the unit working well.  If you haven't been on a schedule, now is the time to get it done.

Air conditioner installation can end up saving you money.  A new unit can save you money every month.  Those electricity savings are always welcome.

Heating Installation

A new high efficiency furnace is another way to save money every month.  New furnaces are so efficient and really make a difference in your utility bill.

Increased efficiency also means they deliver more stable and comfortable heat for your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can cause short term problems such as dry itchy eyes.  In the long term exposure can contribute to respiratory disease and cancer.


Here are some common indoor pollutants:

-Outdoor pollution

-Too much moisture

-Pet dander


-Second-hand smoke

-Dust mites

-Carbon monoxide


UV light installation is one option for cleaner indoor air.  The UV light is installed in your air conditioner system and will kill bacteria and molds in the air.  The UV light can also eliminate unwanted smells and odors.

UV lights have low maintenance costs and are a great addition to your air conditioner system.


Tips for improving indoor air quality include:

-Change air filters regularly

-Keep carpets and rugs clean

-Use vents when cooking

-Decrease the humidity


Get a pro to help you get cleaner indoor air quality.

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